Hey Friend, I'm Sairam, and welcome to my digital garden! šŸŖ“

Hey Friend, I'm Sairam, and welcome to my digital garden! šŸŖ“

My 10-Second Bio:

My 190.32 Second Bio:

Professionally, Iā€™m a Computer Vision and Machine Learning researcher with 11+ years of learning in the Tech Industry.

But your mind is probably trying to figure out if 190.32 seconds is a clickbait sub-head. Even if you're not, here is why -

(793 words / 250 words per minute) * 60 Ā = 190.32 seconds.

How did I get here?

After the big bang and many millennia of evolution later... Ok Ok, don't scroll away, I'll cut to the chase.

Growing up, I was fascinated with visuals - art, painting, and eventually photography. It wasn't until grad school (Go Blue!) that I learnt that there's an entire field devoted to figuring out how we can teach computers to see and understand the world like us.

I was hooked!

Since then, I've spent every working hour helping computers understand our world. They're like babies learning new things (only more disciplined).

Outside of work, I used to spend every minute I could immersed in the outdoors, photographing the wonders of our blue marble. If that's your kind of thing, check out some of my images.

Recently, I became responsible for a little human and said human takes a lot of my time and energy (which I love!), so I have less time to spend behind the lens.

My (Many) Interests

I have too many interests for my own good. Some change roughly twice a year. The ones below have stood the test of time:

Why teach Machine Learning and Computer Vision?

Despite a graduate school education, there were a number of things I had to learn in my career to be a valuable contributor to my teams. Over the course of this journey, I've found machine learning felt like a guarded fortress to outsiders.

I was on the outside like many others, perhaps like you at some point.

One of my goals in life is to break this barrier to entry.

I learnt on the job and so can you! Machine learning is a ton of fun to learn and the applications are limitless. As it is taught today, it's jargon heavy, snooty, and boring like one of the many characters in INSERT_YOUR_FAVORITE_SNOBBISH_TV_SHOW_HERE.

Will this benefit you?

Answer these three questions with a yes/no:

  1. Can you code or will you learn to code?
  2. Do you work with people who speak to each other in greek symbols and you'd like to be in the know?
  3. Do you like memes and random analogies as proxies to explain complicated concepts?

If you answered yes to even one of these, then this will benefit you. Even if you answered no, then it will still benefit you. Don't ask me why. A machine learning model I trained said it would.

What I write about? (For Now)

A meme I live by:

Get In Touch:

P.S: ā˜• Ā  I am a coffee addict afficionado and make it a point to try the coffee at every city I visit

P.P.S: šŸ“š Ā  I have an ever-increasing book collection so if you find something fun to read, drop a note šŸ˜‰